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Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 40%vol

Highland Queen has been produced in Scotland for over 100 years. It takes its name from Mary Queen of Scots, who reigned from 1561 to 1567, and was executed in 1587 on the order of Elizabeth I, Queen of England.

Highland Queen Majesty 12 Year Old Highland Single Malt is distilled in the far north of the Scottish Highlands. It is a soft and delicate malt, with light floral notes, a nutty sweetness and a long and elegant finish.

“The rest we leave with confidence to your judgement.”


2010 IWSC International Wine and Spirits Competition Quality Award

Gold Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition

Jim Murray Whisky Bible 2013:

Highland Queen Majesty 12 years old (86.5)

“The most gentle and easy going malt, some charming characteristics bubble underneath. The nose benefits from its apple and pear fruitiness and the usual silky texture is punctured by some lively spices”


Delicate, soft and gentle with light floral notes and some sweetness.




Elegant, round, soft and gentle. Clean with some nutty sweetness.




Long and elegant with mellow tones.

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