Deanston 18YO Single Malt Bourbon Cask Finish 46.3%

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  • Марка: DEANSTON
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The third batch of Deanston 18 Year Old – finished in first-fill bourbon barrels. This is typical of the Highland distillery's signature profile, sweet with hints of spice.

  • Nose
    Starts with flowers and fresh laundry, with apples and vanilla on the background. Then more earthy and dusty tones appear, complemented by coffee, caramel cookies and muesli.
  • Taste
    A rich fruitiness pairs with fennel and ginger and darker tones of coffee, chocolate and cloves. A fresh youthfulness is balanced by deeper more mature tones, the latter prevailing ultimately.
  • Finish
    Citrus fruits, peaches and pineapple are joined by various spices and honey. Lingers quite long with tobacco on the background.

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