The Tweeddale Grain of Truth 46% Limited Edition

99,00 лв. 145,00 лв.
  • Марка: TWEEDDALE
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A single-grain whisky from The Tweeddale, exploring an interesting and uncommon grain bill. Using a mixture of 50% malted barley and 50% wheat, this is a weightier spirit than most grains. It was first matured in bourbon casks and the extra complexity has allowed it to stand up to a nine-month finish in Oloroso sherry hogsheads, adding layers of fruit, spice and chocolate to the sweet and fruity spirit.

Нос: Кремообразна ванилия, меден малц и цитрусови кори, евкалипт и нотка на фенел.

Вкус: Джинджифил, тропически плодове и земен ревен съчетани с карамел и лешници.

Финал: Тежки горчиви нотки на подправка от грейпфрут и дъб.

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