Ardmore 21 Year Old Adelphi Selection

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  • Марка: ADELPHI
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700ml BOTTLE

Single Cask which was distilled in Ardmore in 1996 and bottled after 21 years in ex Bourbon hogshead barrels thanks to the independent bottler Adelphi. It is released at full alcohol content of 61% vol with a production of only 236 bottles.

TASTE: Sweet and slightly salty, with smoky finish and aftertaste. With the addition of water, the consistency is soft and smooth; the less salty flavor, with a hint of coconut.

AGING: American ex Bourbon oak barrels.

Adelphi Selection is geared towards those who appreciate single malts whisky Scots, who are not interested in homogeneity, but rather grasping every little and different nuance from one barrel to another, from one year to the next and above all aware of drinking the highest quality of whisky existing commercially. They are of a stronger proof than the normal brands in circulation (the exact proof varies with the age of the whisky Scotch), with small additions of water, everyone will find the right dose to achieve the desired balance. Adelphi is completely independent from multinationals and has the freedom to select single malts from numerous distilleries, placing its name only on whisky of exceptional quality. The choice falls only on whisky aged in barrels that had contained Bourbon and Sherry, with the belief that only these types of casks are the vehicle to obtain the best results. Any other type of wood would hide the intrinsic qualities of the distillate. With the help of the guru of whisky Scottish Charles MacLean, Adelphi selects only about 41% of whisky that are offered to him. Only the best single casks are bottled with the Adelphi label.

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