Glenturret 2010 VM

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  • Quite volatile. Quite a strange variety of peat. More towards Highland. Less smoke and peat in the peat. Delicate notes of sweetness. Traces of vanilla, maybe brown sugar. In the background, light medical notes. With a longer inhalation you can feel spiciness and slight alcoholism, but for this power it is not that blatant. Peat and smoke clearer after a while. Even buttery popcorn flashed past afterward. There is also a lot of salt.
  • Taste
    Very specific. Lots of salt. There is some spice and alcohol. Peat is practically undetectable, traces of smoke, but the dominant aroma is brine. Medium oily.
  • Finish
    Salt, a distant trace of peat, delicate notes of vanilla. Low alcohol, no power. But at the same time extremely short and relatively empty, especially for a Single Caska of this power. The salt remains the longest, although not as intense as the one on the tongue.

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