Highland Park Svein

120,00 лв.
  • Марка: Highland Park
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  • Nose
    The colour is jonquiripe corn and the nose shows a modern "designed" whisky profile with mainly immature mashy aromas that are somewhat camouflaged by excessive wooden notes. Boring and unimpressive - why should I sniff at such stuff?
  • Taste
    The taste is sugary sweet (rather industrial sugar, not the fine barley sugars I adore) and ... of course, woody. Cheap stuff, distilled and matured in a hurry to maximise output (and profit to the owners, an investment group) and marketed for the quick buck. I guess, warrior Svein would not be amused to read his name on this release...
  • Finish
    The whisky arrives with almost no mouthfeel on the palate (neither warming nor coating) but with drying-astringent moments from heavy woods. The finish is short as a lightning and leaves no lasting impression beside the drying-astringent tannins again. Water just flattens the dram (further). To be honest, I flushed the rest of this sample down the drain...

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